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Outright Auto Theft Occcuring in San Marcos by Phoenix Towing

Phoenix Towing in San Marcos, Texas is outright stealing vehicles from parking lots within a 50 mile radius of San Marcos and the vehicle owner or operator has every right to use reasonable force to prevent your vehicle from being stolen from where it’s parked at. Not one parking lot that has a tow sign […]

Serial Predators Targeting the Public in Austin area..remain vigilant!

Predatory tow truck drivers and boot personal of A&A, Albert’s, J&J, Park Right, Pronto, Reliant and Republic Parking Enforcement are targeting holiday shoppers, the public celebrating the Christmas Holidays and multifamily properties as they know you’ll have money… Everyone towed, booted or charged a drop fee regardless the reason from a parking lot, by any […]

Landmark at Prescott Woods Apartments & Reliant Towing Scandal

It’s my professional opinion that the management of Landmark at Prescott Woods Apartments in Austin, Texas has lost control and could be held culpably responsible for Reliant Towing’s actions. Towing needs to be done and not stopped. Towing is a necessity and will help the property owner or manager maintain a better environment for the […]


This company is very dishonest, it’s storage lot employees become hostile when asked to display their state issued VSF employee license. They refuse to provide the name of the person who authorized your vehicle to be towed on the storage release receipt.  State Law requires they give the name of the person. They will charge […]

Predatory Reliant Towing as the Ruthless Grinch that stole your Xmas Spirit

Don’t let them get away with your money! Anyone who sees Reliant hooking up a vehicle, moving it without safety chains or tow lights on the vehicle in a parking lot, catch them before they get out the gate or the street. Use your cellphone to record everything from the time you see them hooking […]

More Unlicensed Activity & Safety Chain Violation Complaints filed with TDLR

Today has been festive as a Strike Team caught three different companies committing TDLR violations operating on the roadways in the Austin metro area.  A homemade tow truck bearing no name, a bogus TDLR license number written in white shoe polish, a rollback belonging to Douglas Towing towing a vehicle on the wheel-lift without safety […]

Another Austin Tow Company Caught Not Using Safety Chains

The latest tow company to be caught towing a vehicle without safety chains attached to the vehicle in tow, is Merino’s Towing Service of Austin. I just don’t understand the thinking of a tow truck operator why its not important to attach these safety chains to the vehicle they are towing. Regardless, this short video […]

TDLR Christmas Gift for Highway 3 Auto Storage in Houston $7400 Fine

The Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations Commissioners continue to go against the wishes of TDLR staff for a corrupt vehicle storage facility owner in Houston, by instead of revoking their license, places them on two years probation and a $7400 fine. The sole reason corruption exist with the Towing and Storage Programs regulated by […]

Austin City Council Rejects Police Department’s Request to Increase Tow Fees

The Austin City Council today voted 6-0 to not raise the current private property impound fees as requested by both the Austin Police Department & the Austin Towing Association, The current tow fee of $150 and the Drop Fee of $50 will remain the same..a total victory for the thousands of vehicle owners and operators […]

Everybody Due Refunds if Towed by Rios Towing in San Marcos

URGENT!! Everyone who has been towed without their consent by Rios Towing and their vehicle stored at Rios’ Vehicle Storage Facility is in for a landfall. This includes vehicles involved in wrecks that are ordered by the San Marcos Police Department. The primary reason these refunds are due is because Rios Towing’s Vehicle Storage Facility […]

Sargent’s Wrecker Service Caught Not Using Safety Chains in Austin, Texas

SARGENT’S WRECKER SERVICE of Weatherford, Texas will be receiving a TDLR Christmas Card of a Notice of Violation and complaint filed against them for towing a vehicle without safety chains attached to the truck in tow. On a Heavy Duty Wrecker, the fine for this violation is $2000. The risk of death or serious bodily […]

Illegal Towing by Excalibur Towing Contributes to Newborn Death

Excalibur Towing’s continued illegal towing of vehicles around the DFW area has contributed the death of a newborn baby in Dallas, Texas. The grief stricken mother of her first baby has been victimized by a tow company and a property manager whom showed no mercy for a pregnant mother by towing her victim from her […]

TDLR Issues Fines to Towing Companies & VSFs for Scamming the Public

As the complaints keep pouring into the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations from vehicle owners, the public and law enforcement, the results are sending a message to licensees, “Your On Notice”. The Texas Towing Compliance Strike Teams has been reactivated with nine out of twelve teams preparing for undercover operations in select cities that […]

TDLR Wants To Shutdown Atlas Towing & Recovery For Repeated Violations of State Law

Atlas Towing & Recovery, in San Antonio, Texas, proud members of the Southwest Tow Operators whose founder prides himself with committing workers comp fraud, continues to violate State Law daily targeting the citizens and tourists by towing their vehicles without probable cause. Just today, I received another complaint on these thieves for refusing to provide […]

TDLR Advisory Board Members Loosing Ground: 2% Rate Increase

At today’s advisory board meeting, it was obvious Joanne Messina, the mouthpiece for the Southwest Tow Operators was not pleased. This should send a message to their organization and the rest of the industry who takes pride in scamming the public with impunity. Christmas for some will bring in a new year they will not […]

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