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Zone One Auto Storage Employee Refuses to Provide Required Information

Zone One Auto Storage is in serious trouble, as one of their VSF employees refused to display their VSF EMPLOYEE LICENSE CARD instead of a photocopy handing on the wall. Not only did this person refuse to display their license, but failed to provide everything listed on the Texas Vehicle Storage Lot Procedures, all of […]

More TDLR Fines for Licensees Who Believe They Above The Law

TDLR licensees think their license is a right, but in reality it’s privilege and those chose few who can’t seem to obey the law, continue to get caught by consumers who were educated on the Texas Towing Compliance website. The result of filing all four TDLR complaints after your vehicle has been towed away is […]

Strike Teams Capture Flugrath Towing on IH35 With Expired Tow Company License

This tow company is in serious trouble towing a large commercial vehicle without tow lights, safety chains and their expired tow company license, which will without doubt come with a serious fine. As of 2pm today, Strike Teams have forwarded video complaints to TDLR on a total of 13 unlicensed trucks and vehicle transports…. TTC […]

Rios Towing’s 7 TDLR Complaints Assigned to Investigators Underway

This morning, I went to TDLR for answers about the letter Baby Killer posted on his Facebook page. After meeting with Prosecutor Shirk and Senior Investigator David Kotscchenreuther about this TDLR letter of denial of complaint, discussing the facts, the evidence and the court filing reference the same violation TDLR fines licensees for, the compliant […]

Small Claims Statutory Violation Lawsuit Filed Against Rios Towing for Price Gouging

Yesterday, in San Marcos, Texas Towing Compliance representatives accompanied Mike Saucedo Sr, owner of Southwest Towing to Hays County JP Hernandez’s office to file a lawsuit against Barbara Carmona dba Rios Towing Co. The cause number is S15-012J12 and the filing fees are $211.00, of which contains the subpoena for Regina Ruiz to appear when […]

Texas Impound Services LLC – Lisa Anne Phillips Lies & TDLR Is Going After Them

Texas Impound Services LLC is by far the worst tow company in Denton County just by the way they talk to people, treating them as if they are dirt, use racial words and vulgarity with vehicle owners and operators attempting to retrieve their vehicle after being wrongfully towed by them. In the latest incident, involving […]

Natal Towing of San Marcos Tow Company License Application Flagged by TDLR

Bobby Joe Natal’s attempt to revive his tow company, Natal Towing by applying for a new tow company license under James Rodriguez’s name is not going to succeed, per TDLR. Once a tow company is revoked, the person’s name attached to the revoke license cannot be affiliated in anyway with a new tow company license […]

Black Bull Towing is Nothing More Than a Criminal Enterprise

The public around the DFW area has every reason to fear Black Bull, as they will steal your vehicle, then force you to pay their ransom to get it released.  The latest predatory towing incident with these thieves happened in Fort Worth, with the towing of many vehicles without a “standing written agreement” to tow […]

San Marcos Tow Problems Because of One Person: Regina Ruiz

For the past eight months, we have written various articles about the Predatory Towing Problems that continue to exist in San Marcos, Texas, and our Strike Teams have conducted no less than 17 sting operations documenting violations of State Law. The problems in San Marcos is no different from any city where a person of […]

TDLR Issues More Fines for Tow Companies & Vehicle Storage Facilities

The Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations is churning out fines and license suspension at a steady pace as vehicle owners, lienholders and insurance companies continue to steadily file complaints against dishonest tow companies and vehicle storage facilities. In the latest round of fines, its no surprise that most of those fined are members of […]

Texas Impound Services LLC Discriminates Against Disabled Applicants

In the latest twist involving one of the many corrupt members of the Southwest Tow Operators, Texas Impound Services in Denton, Texas refuses to hire anyone who is disabled or does not have a “common” first name. Below are comments posted to Facebook by Gary Phillip’s daughter who’s in charge of hiring new employees for […]

SMPD’s Regina Ruiz Aiding & Abetting Criminal Enterprise Rios Towing

In a Reverse Sting Operation with the current property manager that as of today, has sent Rios Towing a cancellation notice after being lied to and misled by both Rios Towing and Regina Ruiz…listen to the conversation.. In the latest twist of not obeying the law by Rios Towing of San Marcos while the SMPD […]

TDLR Moves to Revoke RedLight Wreckers Tow Company License & Issue $18,500 Fine

Redlight Wreckers have made themselves a reputation of scamming motorists all across the Houston metro area, by towing vehicles without authorization, illegal tow signs posted, unlocking vehicles to remove parking permits and damaging vehicles, then refusing to pay damage claims. There day is coming to a close as the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations […]

Criminal Solicitation by Tow Companies Accepted by Parking Facilities

Texas Towing Compliance Audit Teams are checking the websites operated by tow companies licensed by the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations that solicit bribes by offering something of value to gain tow contracts. When these types of criminal solicitations are provided via a website are located, a complaint is generated to TDLR for violating […]

Capital Tow Busted Again by TDLR & Won’t Be The Last Time

Capital Tow of Fort Worth can’t seem to stay out of trouble as their friends at TDLR have issued them another fine, this one being $4125 to taking advantage of motorists who live in apartment complexes. The sooner they learn they must obey the law and quit giving kickbacks, the better their pocketbook will be. […]

TDLR Moves Ahead to Suspend Atlas Towing & Recovery’s Tow Company License for 1 year

Ricardo Q. Venegas deserves everything his company, Atlas Towing & Recovery located in San Antonio, Texas is about to receive from the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations (TDLR), as his company continues to violate the law daily. In this latest investigation, conducted by both the San Antonio Police Department’s Vehicle Crimes Unit and TDLR, […]

Longhorn Wrecker & TDLR Prosecutors Continue Fighting

The latest update to the Longhorn Wrecker Investigation that has gone on for two years is making headway, even with ridiculous conclusion of law by Longhorn’s attorney, James Mossier. At the end of the day, Longhorn will pay or they will see their tow company licensed revoked. This document is about 60 pages long and […]

TDLR Seeks to Shutdown Excalibur Towing After 3rd Violation

The Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations wants to revoke Excalibur Towing’ license do their inability to conduct tow operation with integrity, honesty and trustworthiness. This action like the others all revolved around private property towing without the vehicle owner or operator consent, from parking lots that lacked the required signage or authorization to tow, […]


Instead of setting an example as a professional towing business, Milstead Automotive in Spring, Texas, managed by the above Amy Milstead is in serious trouble with the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations & the public. Amy’s business ethics surrounding this latest incident (taking advantage of teenage boy driver) is another prime reason she should […]

Texas Towing Compliance vs J&J Towing & Bridge Hollow Apartments

This morning, the filing fee is paid for a Tow Hearing featuring J&J Towing and Suzy Zavala, the property manager of Point South – Bridge Hollow Apartments. This will be a case where the victim will not be coerced into not appearing in court or settle before the court date, as the Small Claims Court […]

Judge Rules In Favor of Towing Victim for $12,508.15

This morning, a victim of illegal towing called to say that an Hidalgo County District Court Judge returned a $12,508.15 judgment against Harrelson Property Management Inc, for seven statutory violation of the Occupations Code that regulates private property towing. This matter involved a property manager, who testified under oath, that the towing company gave her […]

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