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Outright Auto Theft Occcuring in San Marcos by Phoenix Towing

Phoenix Towing in San Marcos, Texas is outright stealing vehicles from parking lots within a 50 mile radius of San Marcos and the vehicle owner or operator has every right to use reasonable force to prevent your vehicle from being stolen from where it’s parked at. Not one parking lot that has a tow sign […]

The Coming Increase in the Austin Private Property Impound Fee

The public needs to understand, a tow company, like any type of business that choose to run in a fee regulated environment, must be able to make enough money to pay their operating expenses and make a profit. It is going to require the City of Austin Finance Department instead of the Police Department to […]

Another No Safety Chains Violation Reported to TDLR

Video taken 11.21.14 in Austin, Texas showing no safety chains attached to the vehicle being towed. $1000 TDLR fine for this behavior, when will tow truck drivers learn the importance of using safety chains and the cost involved when caught not using them. Tow truck operators should take notice, the public is watching your driving […]

Austin Tow Fee Increase Pulled From Agenda – Failed to follow State Law

The Austin Police Department attempt to raise the Non-Consent and Private Property Tow Fees will not take place at today’s City Council Meeting, as planned. This attempt by the Austin Towing Association to use their influence with the Police Department failed, as the letter of the law for tow fee studies was not followed.  In […]

Proposed Austin impound tow fee increase based on flawed formula

The Austin City Council are poised to increase the private property impound fee at this Thursday’s Council Meeting based on influence peddling and flawed data compiled by the Austin Police Department, from the current $150 to $185. The public is about to be burned to the stake, as an example:  A group of friends arrive […]

Tow Truck Operators Continue to Take Risk – Deadly Encounters

REPORT TO 911 IMMEDIATELY OF A TOW TRUCK TOWING A NON-SECURED LOAD! There is no valid excuse not to attach safety chains to a vehicle being towed by a tow truck, but tow truck operators take the risk everyday that could end up killing other motorists on the roadways. Below are video evidence to support […]

Austin Police Department Tow Contract Bid Compromised

The City of Austin has rebid the Austin Police Department’s towing contract twice and now, based on comments of the current contractor, Southside Wrecker, Inc’ drivers, the bid process has been compromised. In an email dated November 11, 2014 to the purchasing officer (Erin D’Vincent) with the Finance Department recently, which has not been answered […]

Ideal Towing of Stafford, Texas Busted Again for Illegal Towing

Predatory tow companies like Ideal Towing in Stafford, Texas is stealing vehicles throughout the Houston area because they refuse to obey State Law with regards to providing a legal tow sign and giving kickbacks to parking facilities.  Houston area law enforcement must intervene and arrest those tow truck operators committing these continued criminal offenses, as […]

Ongoing Predatory Towing by J&J Towing on Crossing Place & Faro Drive

Every single vehicle, mopeds and motorcycles towed from any of these four parking lots were towed without probable cause regardless the number of times towed or charged a drop fee. J&J Towing is knowingly and intentionally towing vehicles in violation of State Law and damages the transmission of 90% of the vehicles. 100% of all […]

Get Towed by Predatory J&J Towing of Austin, Collect $1600 min

ILLEGAL J&J TOW SIGNS J&J Towing is knowingly and intentionally towing vehicles in violation of State Law and damages the transmission of 90% of the vehicles. 100% of all private property impounds towed by J&J Towing are illegally towed regardless the reason they were towed from because of statutory violations. In addition, J&J Towing, Reliant […]

Predatory Behavior Still Continues at Vehicle Storage Facilites

Based on daily calls to the tow hotline (512-680-3190), vehicle owners and operators continue to be abused verbally when at a vehicle storage facility to retrieve their vehicles. Important facts to remember: Upon arrival to the storage facility by yourself or with someone, use a cellphone, digital recorder or camera to record in video/audio  the […]

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