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Southwest Towing Only San Marcos Tow Company Providing Legal Tow Signs

Southwest Towing of San Marcos is the only tow company in San Marcos to begin replacing their outdated tow signs with the legal tow sign required by State Law, which includes the additional information required by the San Marcos City Ordinance. Mike Saucedo has notified their accounts that no towing will take place until the […]

Today in Court: Park Right Solution Admits Wrongdoing & Refunds Money

This afternoon in Travis County Justice of Peace Court Pct 1, the owner of Park Right Solutions, Freddie Ximenez accepted full responsibility for the towing a vehicle with illegal tow signs posted at 1200 East 11th Street. The tow victim is paid in full, the towing fees, court costs, cost of photographs for a total […]

Texas Impound Services VSF Employee Calls Federal Judge a “Wetback”

Last night, a Federal Judge  was attempting to pay for his vehicle towed from an apartment complex (illegal tow sign posted) where his daughter lives while attending college. While at Texas Impound Service, a female who refused to display her VSF Employee License repeatedly called the Judge a wetback and other racial slurs due to […]

Southwest Tow Operators Region 6 Director Busted by TDLR

Greg Joyner, a Regional Director for the Southwest Tow Operators busted by the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations after a complaint and issued a fine for failing to include all the required information in the publication for abandoned vehicles to auctioned at his vehicle storage facility. The required information this company failed to provide […]

Pro Tow Wrecker Fined $3000 for Illegal Towing by TDLR

Another proud member of the Southwest Tow Operators, Pro Tow Wrecker Service and ABC Wrecker Service finally got their ass slapped with a big fine of $3000 for towing multiple vehicles without the required legal tow sign posted. It’s business as usual for this company who continues to tow vehicles in violation of State Law […]

The Key To Win the Statutory Violation Lawsuit in Small Claims Court

The key to winning in Small Claims Court for the statutory violation civil penalty is being prepared. You have to gather all the photographs, video and recorded conversations with the parking facility. (the property owner, property manager, maintenance staff or business owner) When developing your strategy to obtain these recorded conversations, the key is to […]

Frog’s Towing of Austin Fined $2400 by TDLR

Tow company owners are required by State Law to drug and alcohol test their drivers, but some companies don’t always obey State Law because their drivers and employees are drug addicts.  Not saying Frog’s employees these types of substance abuse drivers, but TDLR has concerns they do issuing them a $2400 fine, to which they […]

T R J Towing and Recovery Busted for Stashing Impounds

Greed is the primary reason tow truck operators stash impounds instead of taking them directly to the storage facility. Terry Rodgers learned firsthand the risks that comes with this illegal practice after be saddled with a TDLR fine of $1200.00. Tow truck operators best be advised someone is always watching them to video or take […]

Progessive Towing Solutions of San Antonio Busted

A day never goes by I learn of a tow company who are proud members of the Southwest Tow Operators believe they can run in violation of State Law. This time, it’s Progressive Towing Solutions in San Antonio who violated the law daily until caught by a San Antonio Police Officer during a recent traffic […]

Short Term Investing With High Yield – “Towing Enforced At All Times”

The latest route to seek revenge for you or your friend being towed from where they parked or charged a drop or boot fee to get the vehicle released is the “statutory violation” lawsuit filed in Small Claims Court. If your vehicle is ever towed, charged a drop or boot fee. from a parking lot […]

Bexar Towing Justice Delay Until August 20, 2014

The Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation Commissioners have once again delayed justice for Bexar Towing’ history of taking advantage of motorists and the citizens of San Antonio. John Deloach, owner of Bexar Towing testified before the Commissioners that the large fine would bankrupt him, but, Deloach has already created another tow company, Travis Towing […]

J&J Towing & Central Parking Found Guilty

This afternoon in the courtroom of Travis County Justice of the Peace Steeg, a tow hearing was held between a vehicle owner and J&J Towing.  The parking facility at issue is located at 2005 Whitis directly across of the UT-Austin campus which is leased by Central Parking Systems. The bottomline is the Judge found J&J […]

J&J Towing Owner Bribes Tow Victim to Avoid Court

Earlier, a tow victim is contacted by J&J Towing to ask for a bribe for not going to Court this afternoon to contest the illegal towing of his vehicle. It’s common for criminals to intimidate victims prior to trial and it’s not uncommon for victims to accept these types of bribes out of fear of […]

Criminal Illegal Towing with Impunity by Austin Police Tow Contractors

The fact that both of APD’s tow contractors are committing criminal offenses every time they towed vehicles from parking lots when the vehicle driver or operator was not under arrest is clue #1, the WEU does not treat everyone the same.. It’s hard for LEAs, LEOs, the Public and tow companies to comprehend why the […]

Always Demand to See the Vehicle Storage Facility Employee License

An alert consumer, after reading Texas Towing Compliance, got revenge for the towing of his vehicle, by filing the online complaint with TDLR for unlicensed activity at the Vehicle Storage Facility, The result, a $1500 TDLR fine! ALBA, ROGELIO Company: ROGER ALBA TOWING City: EL PASO County: EL PASO Zip Code: 79928 License #: 646595VSF […]

Action Wrecker Service of Midland Learns the Hard Way

Action Wrecker Service in Midland, Texas enjoyed the cash flow of private property impounds. Unfortunately, it came to an end after being hammered in an illegal tow case in the Court with a $3000 judgement.  Then TDLR follows with a fine of $1350…. When will these tow company owners learn that after the advice of […]


Seems a lot of tow company and vehicle storage facility owners who are members of the Southwest Tow Operators think they can run their business anyway want until they are busted by TDLR after a consumer complaint. WEEKS, SHAUN D Company: AFTER MIDNIGHT WRECKER & RECOVERY SERV City: GILMER County: UPSHUR Zip Code: 75644 License […]

Tony’s Towing & Recovery Fined by TDLR

As stated in the “Vehicle Storage Lot Procedures” on Texas Towing Compliance, it’s of vital importance to ask all the questions while attempting to retrieve your vehicle at the storage lot.  One vehicle owner did exactly that and recorded the conversation that led to an online complaint with TDLR that resulted in a $450 fine. […]

Austin Area Tow Company Busted for Unlicensed Tow Truck Operator

These tow companies are all hurting for tow truck operators and take that chance to stay in business by allowing an unlicensed tow truck operator to drive their tow trucks.  The cops are catching them more than ever due to their driving behavior. Austin based Rosvic Towing Service learned like many and was issued a […]


Astro Towing of Houston busted for the 4th time after another vehicle owner filed a complaint with TDLR for towing their vehicle from a parking lot with no tow signs posted.  These Southwest Tow Operators never learn..lol. SALCIDO MALDONADO, ADRIANA Company: ASTRO TOWING SOLUTIONS City: HOUSTON County: HARRIS Zip Code: 77057 License #: 6455951C Complaint […]


CUMMINGS, GENE Company: CELESTE WRECKER SERVICE City: CELESTE County: HUNT Zip Code: 75423 License #: 5963202C Complaint # TOW20140011548 Date: 6/27/2014 Respondent is assessed an administrative penalty of $4,300. An administrative penalty of $4,000 is assessed for TOW20140011548; and an administrative penalty of $300 is assessed for VSF20140011550. Respondent?s tow truck failed to have a […]


PERRY, PAUL D Company: BIG DADDY’S WRECKER SERVICE City: HILLSBORO County: HILL Zip Code: 76645 License #: 645337VSF Complaint # TOW20130005984 Date: 6/27/2014 Respondent is assessed an administrative penalty of $1,400. An administrative penalty of $750 is assessed for TOW20130005984; and an administrative penalty of $650 is assessed for VSF20130005240. Respondent failed to separate the […]

Payday for all towed from Avenues Apartments in San Marcos

Texas State University students and their guest targeted in tow scam by the management of the Avenues Apartments and Master Tow. Everybody towed regardless the reason is entitled to $1400 minimum not including the court cost to file a small claim lawsuit at Hays County Justice of the Peace Margie Hernandez’ court at the new […]

The Austin Tow Conspiracy Targeting the Public

This is the first in a series of Podcast, pardon the shaky video at times… Corruption in Austin, Texas: tow companies, businesses and the Austin Police Department – Part 1 More videos are coming for communities around Texas that predatory towing exist because local law enforcement refuses to enforce the law, as mandated by the […]

Convicted Child Killer Operates San Marcos Tow Company

Property managers, business owners, financial institutions, schools and the citizens of San Marcos are advised the manager of Rios Towing, Anthony Rios is convicted BABY murderer. Do you really want your business associated with a BABY MURDERER? In the Dallas area recently, a tow truck operator, who served 15 years in prison for Aggravated Sexual […]

Eagle Towing Resumes the Torchy’s Tacos Tow Scam

Eagle Towing & Recovery has resumed towing vehicles in violation of State Law in Cedar Park, Texas even after being found guilty two times already.  According to the general manager of Torchy’s Taco, the illegal tow signs are still posted and Eagle drivers continue to steal vehicles while customers are enjoying their meals, towing them […]

Bexar Towing and 1000′s of San Antonio businesses owes thousands of victims $$$$

Everybody towed by Bexar Towing of San Antonio regardless the type or size of their vehicle from any HEB Grocery Store, McDonald’s, San Antonio Housing Authority property or any parking lots bearing the signs posted below since September 1, 2013, are due a landfall in monetary damages. The statutory violations for every parking lot that […]