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Instead of setting an example as a professional towing business, Milstead Automotive in Spring, Texas, managed by the above Amy Milstead is in serious trouble with the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations. Amy’s business ethics surrounding this latest incident is another prime reason she should be removed from the Towing, Storage & Booting Advisory […]

Texas Towing Compliance vs J&J Towing & Bridge Hollow Apartments

This morning, the filing fee is paid for a Tow Hearing featuring J&J Towing and Suzy Zavala, the property manager of Point South – Bridge Hollow Apartments. This will be a case where the victim will not be coerced into not appearing in court or settle before the court date, as the Small Claims Court […]

Judge Rules In Favor of Towing Victim for $12,508.15

This morning, a victim of illegal towing called to say that an Hidalgo County District Court Judge returned a $12,508.15 judgment against Harrelson Property Management Inc, for seven statutory violation of the Occupations Code that regulates private property towing. This matter involved a property manager, who testified under oath, that the towing company gave her […]

H-Town Towing Targeting Parents of UTMB Students on Galveston Island

Katy, Texas-based H-Town Towing has fallen to a new low of targeting the parents of students attending the University of Texas Medical Branch who come to visit them.  The following is the latest complaint received via Texas Towing Compliance and the victim has filed all four complaints against the TDLR license numbers involved. We find […]

If you Transport a vehicle, motorcycle or trailer for profit, TDLR LICENSE REQUIRED

We would venture to say many of the businesses, who own a truck and trailer to transport vehicles, motorcycles, trailers and boats for profit are unaware their business model requires TDLR licensing. Although we know from strike team operations, many of them who know licensing is required, knowingly commit a criminal offense, subject to arrest, […]

4 TDLR Complaints Filed For Each Non-consent Tows Always Leads to TDLR Fines

The File A Complaint button on the Texas Towing Compliance (TTC) website has contributed to a higher number of complaints being filed with Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations (TDLR) along with all of the supporting evidence. We expected this would happen if a vehicle owner or operator knew four different TDLR licenses were involved […]

APD/Southside Wrecker/AutoReturn Issues Exposed

Yesterday at the Austin City Hall, members of the Austin City Council’s Public Safety Committee held a public hearing about the issues of the proposed REBID of the APD Total Management Contract. It was a meeting that proof is provided to the Council that both APD, Southside Wrecker and bidder Auto Return have violated the […]

Texas Predatory Tow Lobby Bill Filed HB-3265

After the last two regular sessions of the Texas Legislature, two members, one a State Senator and the other a House Representative, were removed from office by voters for accepting bribes disguised campaign donations from the Predatory Tow Lobby aka Organized Crime, to file legislation that negatively effected the Texas economy and consumer protections. This […]

CWS Recovery (United Road Towing) Found Guilty of Illegal Towing

Last week, CWS Recovery was found guilty of towing a vehicle without probable cause, the violations of the law were clearly documented and the Judge agreed. Rick Chron, the manager of CWS Recovery, a subsidiary of Signature Towing should acknowledge the Court’s ruling, pay the Judgment and make sure his drivers understand if the tow […]

Atlas Towing & Recovery in Hot Water Again After Illegal Tow

Atlas Towing & Recovery located in San Antonio, Texas is in serious trouble after additional complaints against them have surfaced regarding illegal towing. Atlas just last week signed an agreed order with the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation (TDLR) and fined $2000 for doing the same exact things the new current complaints are about.  […]

J&J Towing Knowingly Illegally Tows 94 Bait Vehicles

Frank Sapp and his son Timothy will not be “happy campers” no thanks to their contract 1099 tow truck operators that lease their tow trucks, as of to date, 94 bait vehicles were towed from their properties shown in the photographs below. Judge Steeg has ruled many times in favor of a vehicle owner or […]

“Coked Up” Rios Towing of San Marcos Preys on the Young Drivers

UPDATE: March 13, 2015 Tony Rios recently admitted he did kill that baby because he was “coked up” (under the influence of cocaine) and has no remorse for killing an 9 month old baby because it would not quit crying. The San Marcos Police Department, Hays County Sheriff Department and the Department of Public Safety […]

Redlight Wreckers, The Thieves of Houston Busted, Fined $3750, Probation for a year

Redlight Wreckers like Astro Towing, H Town Towing, Ideal Towing, Cody’s Towing and Euro Star Towing Service failed to cooperate with State Investigators during investigations and found guilty to the agreed penalty. Texas Towing Compliance Strike Teams based in the Houston area have employees of Redlight offering free parking lot striping, cash, etc recorded in […]

Strike Teams reporting 27 arrests last night in Texas

In an ongoing operation and investigation, teams deployed around state in cities like Denton, Fort Worth, Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, San Marcos, Corpus Christi, College Station and the Rio Grande Valley area are reporting arrests. In the Houston area, eight spotters arrested for outstanding warrants as were four unlicensed people at vehicle storage facilities. […]

Ruthless Gary Phillips Target Families Attending Denton Square Christmas Tree Lighting

Gary Phillips and his family’s Texas Impound Services and Gary Foster with On The Road Again are ruthless and could careless about Denton, targeting families from outlying communities and residents attending Christmas events sponsored by the City of Denton. Live Chat session transcript: We parked at Charter cable in Denton Texas on 12/05/14. We pulled […]

Strike Teams Deployed in Austin To Address The Thieves in Tow Trucks

13 Strike Teams from around the state will be spending the next three weeks in Austin for SXSW. Our strike teams consist of ten people, many of them seasoned in dealing with felons, tow truck operators and vehicle storage facility employees when force is necessary. Thanks to our generous donors, 200 bait vehicles will be […]

More Complaints, More TDLR Fines Issued Across Texas

Thankfully the public is taking the advice of Texas Towing Compliance by recording every conversation with a tow truck operator and while at the storage facility. The public’s efforts are assisting TDLR bring compliance among their licensees and those who are not licensed. The latest TDLR Administrative fine were issued to: Company: BG SIMONS INC […]

The Secret To Win the Statutory Violation Lawsuit in Small Claims Court

The key to winning in Small Claims Court for the statutory violation civil penalty is being prepared. You have to gather all the photographs, video and recorded conversations with the parking facility. (the property owner, property manager, maintenance staff or business owner) When developing your strategy to obtain these recorded conversations, the key is to […]


Yesterday in Austin, Texas, the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation Commissioners found Atlas Towing & Recovery guilty of several violations of State Law. All of these cases this action addressed were investigated by both the San Antonio Police Department’s Vehicle Crimes Unit and Investigators with TDLR. Watch the video and see for yourself how […]

APD Exposed At Public Safety Commission Meeting for Lying About Towing Contract

Yesterday afternoon at the Public Safety Commission meeting at City Hall, I told the commissioners that APD outright lied to them during the Jan meeting reference APD’s $50M Tow Contract. Then APD Chief of Staff Brian Manley attempts to explain their lie, but fails to convince anyone in the room, even Council Member Ora Johnson […]

DPS & Law Enforcement Pursuing Unlicensed Three Car Haulers in Texas

A dual threat awaits unlicensed vehicle transports operating on the IH35 Corridor as sooner or later, they will be caught. DPS earlier this week stopped a Dodge Dually towing a three vehicle trailer, determined the truck and operator lacked the required TDLR licenses. Citations were issued and the truck with the trailer with it’s load […]

Pat Johnson Lowers the Boom on APD & Tow Companies

Today, I addressed the Austin City Council about the predatory towing happening in Austin and the Police Department/Municipal Court refusal to enforce all, as they are more worried about getting their three buddies the APD TOWING CONTRACT.  There is a good chance, APD will not carry out their goal.

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