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Outright Auto Theft Occcuring in San Marcos by Phoenix Towing

Phoenix Towing in San Marcos, Texas is outright stealing vehicles from parking lots within a 50 mile radius of San Marcos and the vehicle owner or operator has every right to use reasonable force to prevent your vehicle from being stolen from where it’s parked at. Not one parking lot that has a tow sign […]

Harris County JP Hilary Green Should Be Arrested!

This Judge is no different than Robert Lloyd as both them violate the oath of office they are sworn to uphold, based a comment from a tow victim with a valid case, everyone that goes before this Judge should file a complaint against her with State Commission on Judicial Conduct. October 16, 2014 at 3:21 […]

Another Bandit Tow Truck Caught – Plano, Texas

Eventually, these bandit tow trucks running around the state get caught and that is exactly what happened to Jose Davalos operating under the name of American Towing in Plano, Texas. The public should never use or pay a company with a tow truck, rollback or three car hauler that lacks the company’s name, address, phone […]

Major Illegal Towing Scam in Houston – 200+ Vehicles

A Houston area tow company (Ideal Towing) is in serious trouble, as their drivers dragged in gear 200+ vehicles from the West Point Apartments at 8600 Woodway out to the street and left them there. Residents are mad as hell, as upwards of 200 vehicles were burglarized and more than 150 vehicles suffered damages due […]

The Importance of Filing TDLR Complaints

  The only way the public can hold the tow company, tow truck operator, booting operator, vehicle storage facility and vehicle storage facility responsible for illegal towing, unauthorized drop fees, abuse while at the vehicle storage facility and illegal tow or booting signs posted, is to file the complaints with the licensing agency that issued […]

Strike Teams – Waco

Due to more than 200 complaints pouring into the Tow Hotline from college students and public in Waco, Texas, seven Texas Towing Compliance Strike Teams are conducting sting operations, as there are no legal tow signs posted in Waco, tow truck operators charging unauthorized drops and property managers accepting kickbacks from predatory tow companies. These […]

Safari Towing VSF Manager Impersonates TDLR Representative

UPDATE: October 21, 2014 The Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations Enforcement Division confirmed today, they received the complaint from the tow victim in this matter along with evidence email that contains the audio/video recording of the entire incident when attempting to retrieve their vehicle. The person is vehicle the video can expect to be […]

College Students, Apartment Residents & Their Guest & The Public Targeted by J&J Towing, Reliant Towing, Park Right Solutions & A&A Wrecker

Everyone towed regardless the reason from any of the apartment complexes on Willowcreek,  Crossing Place, Faro, Cromwell Circle, all Central Parking lots, all of West Campus and every parking garage downtown by these tow companies are being illegally towed due to illegal tow signs and kickbacks being given to property managers. These issues have already […]

Metro Parking Solutions & Westdale Hills Apts Violating the Law Again

Once again, Westdale Hills Apartments & Metro Parking Solutions are at it again towing vehicles in violation of State Law and as before, everyone gets to collect big bucks! Over the past week, upwards of 30 vehicles have been towed for a variety of reasons including expired inspection and registration stickers. Even though the 10 […]