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Ronnie’s Wrecker Service Busted & Fined by TDLR after Consumer Complaint

Ronnie’s Wrecker Service in Marshall, Texas thought he could get away with taking advantage of vehicle owners and lienholders, their luck ran out after they burned a vehicle owner who filed the online complaint with TDLR which resulted in an investigation that resulted in a fine of  $3100.  The citizens of Marshall should not have […]

Bexar County JP Finds For Tow Victim over “Coffee Mug Kickback”

Earlier, a Bexar County JP ruled probable cause did not exist to have a vehicle removed from a parking facility because the tow company provided something of value to parking facility in connection with the removal of the vehicle. This something of value just happened to be a “coffee mug” with the tow company’s name […]

Regency Park Apartment & Reliant Towing Owes Big $$$ Behind Illegal Towing

Everybody that has been towed from or charged a drop fee at the Regency Park Apartments located at 401 Little Texas in Austin, Texas has been scammed for some time now, as the property manager told me herself they do lots of towing. Since Reliant refuses to provide the name of the person who authorized […]

Travis County Judge Rules on Tow Sign Layout

For the time being at the request of the tow victim, no names will be mentioned. Earlier in a Travis County JP courtroom, a local Judge lowered the boom on a local tow company for their continued use of misleading tow signs. The sole issue at this tow hearing was the tow sign and it’s […]

The Key to Win Against Rios Towing – San Marcos

Rios Towing of San Marcos continues to tow vehicles in violation of State Law from parking lots around the San Marcos area, all because their tow sign fails to contain all of the required statutory text. Specifically, “Unauthorized Vehicles Will Be Towed at Owner’s or Operator’s Expense” is not on the new Rios Towing sign […]

Always Engage A PPI Tow Truck Driver in Austin Stealing Your Vehicle

Vehicle owners and operators who find a tow truck driver for J&J Towing, Park Right, Albert’s, Pronto’s, A&A Wrecker, Reliant, Central Towing, Rocha’s, Austex, Clark Towing, or Customz Wrecker Service should use reasonable force to the stop the theft of their vehicle. The “use of reasonable force” is an individual’s own choice. All of these […]

Always Engage a Tow Truck Operator When He Has Your Vehicle

The public cannot sit around and wait for a tow truck operator to act when he/she is lurking around a parking lot in a tow truck. Always keep a keen eye to what a tow truck driver is doing as many are casing vehicles they want to to steal. In college towns were predatory towing […]

Humble Towing Nabbed By TDLR & Fined $3600

Another fine member of the Southwest Tow Operators attempted to get a vehicle owner to sign a nonconsent tow ticket to make it a consent tow.  TDLR has repeatedly told the tow industry trying to get away with something will only get you caught, as with the owners of Humble Towing. TEAL, LEWIS Company: HUMBLE […]

Texas Aggies – Engage Tow Truck Drivers Stealing Your Vehicle

Tow truck drivers and spotters best beware, you also are being watched!  Last night, three tow truck drivers got their ass beaten by college students in College Station , who caught one of the tow truck drivers breaking into a vehicle.  The public has to stay on “high alert” as this statewide ring of predatory […]

Apple Towing of Houston Nabbed For Stealing Vehicles

Apple Towing of Houston owned by Todd Johnston and Micheal Sculley nabbed in vehicle theft scheme around Lakeside Church.  This is just the tips of the iceberg as more vehicles owners continue to file complaints against Apple Towing of Houston. JOHNSTON, TODD SCULLY, MICHAEL W Company: APPLE TOWING COMPANY City: HOUSTON County: HARRIS Zip Code: […]

Be Prepared To Stop The Theft of Your Vehicle by Tow Truck

With colleges beginning their fall semesters, the sight of sporting events on the horizon, your local organized criminal tow enterprise is hiring felons at record rates, a vehicle owner or operator will have to make their personal choice how to stop the theft of their vehicle from a parking lot that bears a state required […]

Denton Police Department Rotation Wrecker Company Fined $4500

Pursur Auto Repair is fined $4500 after an investigation by the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations after many complaints were filed against them reference the storage of vehicles. Pursur Auto Repair is also on the Denton Police Dept. Wrecker Rotation List. Company: PURSUR AUTO REPAIR City: DENTON County: DENTON Zip Code: 76201 Company: PURSUR, […]