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APD Exposed At Public Safety Commission Meeting for Lying

Yesterday afternoon at the Public Safety Commission meeting at City Hall, I told the commissioners that APD outright lied to them during the Jan meeting reference APD’s $50M Tow Contract. Then APD Chief of Staff Brian Manley attempts to explain their lie, but fails to convince anyone in the room, even Council Member Ora Johnson […]

DPS & Law Enforcement Pursuing Unlicensed Three Car Haulers in Texas

A dual threat awaits unlicensed vehicle transports operating on the IH35 Corridor as sooner or later, they will be caught. DPS earlier this week stopped a Dodge Dually towing a three vehicle trailer, determined the truck and operator lacked the required TDLR licenses. Citations were issued and the truck with the trailer with it’s load […]

Pat Johnson Lowers the Boom on APD & Tow Companies

Today, I addressed the Austin City Council about the predatory towing happening in Austin and the Police Department/Municipal Court refusal to enforce all, as they are more worried about getting their three buddies the APD TOWING CONTRACT.  There is a good chance, APD will not carry out their goal.

TDLR Determined to Shutdown Atlas Towing & Recovery located in San Antonio, Texas

Atlas Towing & Recovery of San Antonio is considered by Texas Towing Compliance to be nothing more than a criminal enterprise targeting vehicle owners as their violations of State Law continue to mount at the tax paying citizen’s misery. TDLR wants to shut them down once and for all due the latest documented cases that […]

Corrupt Harris County JP Hilary Green & Psycho Attorney Bruce

Harris County Justice of the Peace Hillary Green is easily influenced by campaign donations when rendering decisions on Tow Hearings, as she has turned her courtroom into a money-making machine for dishonest tow companies and parking facilities. This Judge should be investigated by the FBI for public corruption, as she allows attorney Jonathan Bruce representing […]

Another Unlicensed Vehicle Transport Caught by Strike Teams

Once again and we doubt this will be the last one, an unlicensed vehicle transport was captured on fixed mounted cameras on Interstate 35 while passing through Austin.  Video evidence submitted to TDLR for an unlicensed activity complaint.

Companies Resort to Using Bogus TDLR License Number on Trucks

Per a TDLR Investigator, the TDLR License Number displayed on the vehicle transport in this video is bogus. With more and more of these types of vehicle haulers being captured on video by Strike Teams whom watch the roadways in Texas, now they are attempting to avoid detection by using bogus license numbers. But as […]

10 Strike Teams Deployed to Galveston Island, Texas

Just received the morning update with Strike Team leaders earlier during breakfast at the Best Western.  Our teams have been quite busy over the week and with the big parade tonight, we will place 30 bait vehicles at parking lots where vehicles were illegally towed already this week. Thanks to a generous donor, all fees […]

Mardi Gras Visitors Targeted by the Predators of Galveston, Tow Companies

Seven bait vehicles towed over the weekend during strike team operations in Galveston Texas for Mardi Gras activities. One tow truck operator learned his lesson that burglarizing PRIOR to or AFTER towing vehicles comes with consequences, a State Jail Felony. Of the seven vehicles, five were burglarized by tow truck operators and on two occasions, […]

El Paso Tow Predators Nabbed by TDLR after many complaints

El Paso, Texas is home to a military base, a university, cross border shoppers that pumps millions of dollars into the local economy. One visit for most is enough not to return after being victimized by a predatory tow truck operator, then turned away by the El Paso Police Department, claiming it’s a civil issue. […]

United Tows’ driver kills Dallas man at apartment complex

Based on news reports: A tow truck operator for United Tows left his tow truck running unattended  while he walked the property looking for vehicles without parking permits at 400 East Ledbetter Street in Dallas, Texas. Upon return to his tow truck, a male was observed in his tow truck and then kills the unarmed […]

Austin Illegal Tow Sign Update Feb 2015

UPDATE: Most of these signs are still posted throughout the Austin metro area. Always take photos of the tow signs posted at entrances and exits of the parking lot your vehicle is towed from, prior to going to the storage lot. With area colleges gearing up for another school year, Austin area tow pirates are […]

Strike Teams Catch Another Unlicensed Three Car Hauler

Another business based in Killeen was observed driving northbound on Interstate 35 while passing thru Austin with three auctioned law enforcement vehicles on a trailer being pulled by a four door GMC Cab chassis. As teams closed in on this guy driving the speed limit with the flow of traffic, this truck and pulling a […]

Tow Companies With Single Axle Tow Trucks Targeted by Law Enforcement L&W

Tow truck, rollback and three vehicle hauler drivers don’t stand a chance within the city limits of San Antonio, as SAPD Traffic Units are stopping every one of the three caught driving in violation of traffic laws, the Texas Occupations and Transportation codes. And now since SAPD along with law enforcement across Texas has been […]

112 Tow Hearings filed today in twelve Texas Counties

Throughout today, Texas Towing Compliance chapters filed a variety of tow hearings and small claims court lawsuits in Travis, Williamson, Bell, Bexar, Harris, Tarrant, Denton, Dallas, Nueces, Hays, Galveston and Jefferson counties. Generous donors paved the wave by paying all the filing fees for the first wave of lawsuits intended to strike a chord in […]

LW Towing of Frisco, Texas To Be Sued for $39,400 for Illegal Tow

LW Towing located in Frisco, Texas claims to be professionals, but soon, they will learn their paid membership for the Southwest Tow Operators is worthless, if you consider their tow signs are outdated and not in compliance with State Law. Not only did LW Towing tow a trailer from a mini storage located in Little […]

R&R Wrecker Service & Days Inn of Bay City TX in Deep Shit!

The owner of the towing/storage facility was verbally abusive to female vehicle owner over the phone and will not give them any info re: who authorized the tow or their current nonconsent towing fees, & states he’s never heard of the VSF-011 form nor will he accept one for the purpose of releasing the vehicle. […]

Park Right Solutions Stealing Vehicles in Austin area

Park Right Solutions in Austin is taking away J&J Towing accounts and towing vehicles without probable cause due to the simple fact all of the J&J Towing signs are illegal since they all fail to contain the statutory phrase: “Unauthorized Vehicles Will Be Towed at Owner’s or Operator’s Expense”. Park Right Solution’s President Freddie Ximenez […]

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